Terms of Service

The terms of service of this website are the following:

- CryptoHO.ST sells VPS (Virtual Private Servers) in exchange for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monero, which can offer a high degree of anonymity
- CryptoHO.ST does not store and use any personal user data, except those needed for generating invoices and accessing the service
- CryptoHO.ST does not share its data with any other 3rd party
- CryptoHO.ST is located in Romania, Europe and complies with local laws and regulations
- CryptoHO.ST does not allow its services to be used for phishing, malware hosting and spam
- CryptoHO.ST will suspend any service that has been reported to break these rules, but will allow for the customer to appeal this decision
- CryptoHO.ST will suspend any service that receives complaints for DMCA violations
- CryptoHO.ST is dedicated to all the journalists that lost their lives because they were unable to publish their stories anonymously, such as: 

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