We now support native Litecoin payments

Due to multiple requests, our gateway processor now supports native Litecoin (LTC) payments. Please give it a try.

27th May 2020
Use our partner gateway to swap instantly between Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin (Lightning) and Monero (XMR)


Try out an instant cryptocoin swap, which supports Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin (Lightning) and Monero (XMR): https://swap.lightning-network.ro

You can trust this website 100%, as it is the same payment gateway that CryptoHO.ST uses.


20th May 2020
Direct Monero (XMR) payments work again


We've had a few issues with the Monero payment gateway, but everything should work right now.

You can pay again XMR invoices using our own gateway. Please let us know if you have any issues regarding payment or unprocessed transactions.

Thank you,

The CryptoHO.ST Team

17th Apr 2020
Starting today, you can buy dedicated servers for crypto, only on CryptoHO.ST

Hello, Our system now allows our customers to buy dedicated servers with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Lightning-Network, Monero and over 300 alts (thanks to CoinSwitch). The marketplace for this kind of services is small, but in the future, more and more providers will offer these kind of products. Some of our customers also inquired us about ... Read More »

19th Jun 2019